Make Peace, Not Conflict!

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 5:9
Ephesians 2:11-16

There is a Chinese saying that family harmony is the basis for prosperity. The church is a big spiritual family. So maintaining unity and the spirit of love is essential for the growth of a church.

To achieve this objective we should not depend on just one or two of its members to be peacemakers. Ideally the entire church should be committed to unity. Peacemakers receive a great blessing. They are called children of God.

We can also look at this text from a different angle. If we say we are children of God, we should be conscious of our responsibility to be peacemakers.

It is a great joy when we truly become peacemakers. I know, because I was once used by God to bring reconciliation between a father and son. However, peacemakers also have to pay a price. We will often be accused of taking sides, being unsympathetic, or intruding in someone else’s business. When this happens we remind ourselves of God’s only-begotten Son Jesus, who paid a heavy price when he mediated peace between fallen humans and God.


O God, we yearn to be peacemakers like Jesus, your Son.