Balance Word and Deed

David Hartono

READ : Matthew 25:31-46

In our proclamation of the good news, we often forget to stress the importance of taking care of the weak, sinners, the poor and social outcasts. These groups of people need the church’s attention. Throughout the Bible God is described as compassionate. He always demonstrates his love to the weakest among us.

Mission work must always carefully balance doing justice and preaching the good news. Jesus’ mission to this world has set an example for all of us. His desire for us always includes physical and spiritual wholeness. The word weak should also be understood in its total context. He loves and takes care of those who are despised by society simply because they are financially poor. Likewise, he also has compassion on those who are financially wealthy but spiritually poor.

Yes, Jesus taught us an essential lesson in this passage: We are serving him when we help weak individuals, sinners, poor people and social outcasts. It is not easy to do that, so we need his grace.


Grant us, Lord, your abundant grace and mercy to love those who have been despised by others.