Take Advice From a Pro

Myung Lee

READ : Matthew 4:18-22

I am not a good golfer but I would like to be one. Once I took golfing lessons. One of our church members who is a coach taught me how to approach, grip the golf club, swing, and finish my shot. Surprisingly, a thirty-minute lesson changes a lot! The ball flew straight and with more distance. It felt really good. Learning and following the directions of a professional changed my score and game. “Attention, bow down, hold grip, back swing and follow through. Do not lift your head.” His demonstration looked so easy and so beautiful.

“Try it,” he said. It was my turn. I mumbled to myself, “OK, the theory is easy but the practice is not that simple.” With that thought I stood before the small ball- attention, bow down, hold grip, back swing, slowly, and follow through on the ball. My ball drew a beautiful line as it flew. My coach said, “Myung, I told you!” It’s simple! Wow!

Jesus said, “Follow me . . . I will make you fishers of men.” It was a great professional’s promise. Listening and following Jesus produces great spiritual growth.


Dear Lord, let us be disciples who follow your footsteps and learn from you.