Walking in the Dark

Myung Lee

READ : Psalm 27:1-14

As a great king of Israel, David lived a very hard life. As a little boy he was ignored by his brothers. When he was an adult, his father-in-law tried to kill him. As a commander he was involved in many wars. He killed many thousands of his enemies.

From a human perspective David’s life was filled with much betrayal, killing, and suspicion. However, he said, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” (v. 1). What a wonderful statement!

Because he walked by faith, all his trials, dangers, and crises were for him nothing but reasons to give praise and thanks for the love of God.

When I go camping with church scouts, we usually hike at night. During the day we set up a trail. At night I ask them, “Who wants to go first?” Nobody answers. I ask a little differently, “Who wants to go in pairs?” Then they volunteer. They feel more comfortable hiking with another boy.

If I walk through a difficult situation with a mighty God who loves me very much, I am not afraid.


Lord, thanks for walking with me. Please hold my hand and I will not be afraid.