A Way Out of Trouble

Myung Lee

READ : 1 Corinthians 10:11-13

Are you in trouble? Just remember that God will provide another way. “If you keep your spirit awake, you will survive from the lion’s den.” This is an old Korean proverb. If you keep your spirit awake, you are going to see God’s providence. You will see God’s helping hand. You will see another way.

Queen Esther faced a national crisis. Daniel was thrown into the Lion’s pit. King Hezekiah was told he would soon die. These were real crises and troubles. In those troubling situations they awakened their spirits instead of trying to do something by themselves. With prayer and fasting they found another way provided by God.

In the Bible we have many examples of people who found God’s way in the middle of many difficult troubles. I preach and study about them. But I still find myself trying to do things my own way. That is when I must stop, awake my spirit, and trust my Father to provide another way.


Dear Lord, open our spiritual eyes to see a way out of our troubles. Amen.