Too Little, Too Late

Myung Lee

READ : Matthew 25:1-13

When Noah built the ark, many people saw it. Pairs of every kind of animal came and got into the ark. This must have taken many days. The people saw it. Then God closed the door. Then the rain started.

It was a heavy rain. The river flooded. Many people started worrying about the water. They moved their families up to the mountains. And there they saw a huge boat. They banged on the door. “Noah, please let us in! We will give you money! We are willing to do whatever you ask! We will give you everything we have!” But the door was closed by God.

In Jesus’ parable, five beautiful ladies came back late after buying lamp oil and said, “Hello? We are here. Open the door! We are here for the wedding!” But the door was closed.

While Noah built the boat during 120 years, the people did nothing. Will we do nothing and be surprised by the kingdom of God?


Lord, we want to be ready for the kingdom of God. Help us never to do too little and be too late. Amen.