Enjoy Your Wealth God's Way

Myung Lee

READ : Luke 12:13-21

After I finish a big project or a big test, I usually relax to recharge my energy. I say to myself, “Relax, eat, drink, and rest!” This is good and necessary for my health.

In Jesus’ parable the farmer had a great harvest. He worked hard during the growing and harvest seasons. So he decided to expand his operation and enjoy a life of ease like a perpetual harvest festival. That seemed like a clever idea. However, if we pay attention to the last word of Jesus, the farmer had an absolutely bad idea.

How can I store treasures that I can’t lose? Without the grace of our God, the farmer couldn’t make a great harvest. He only planted, but God caused the seed to germinate and produce a crop. Did the farmer make rain or sunshine? Our God is the one who controls all nature. Without God’s help our treasures-talent, money, career, health and time-are worthless.

Realization of the grace of God throughout our lives, from sunrise to sunset, is the starting and ending point of a blessed life. The farmer forgot God’s blessing. That’s why he said to himself, “Soul, relax, eat, and drink,” instead of thanking God.


Dear Lord, let us always be modest and recognize that life’s true joys and successes come from you.