Prayer Power

Myung Lee

READ : 2 Chronicles 20:1-12

When we face hard situations, we are looking to solve problems our way. However, the Bible says that if we choose prayer instead of our way to solve problems, the victory will be ours. God will be our strength. God will be our power.

During a national crisis, Jehoshaphat and all the Israelites prayed before God. They did not pray “O Lord, please kill them all. Send your heavenly army for our victory, O Lord. Go and break their jaws.” They prayed, “O Lord, we do not know what to do. We are powerless.” They confessed their weakness and limitations. When they admitted before God that they were powerless, God sent his prophet to deliver the message of victory and protection.

Prayer is talking with God. But many times we do not really talk with God. We just request and command God to do something which we want. A powerful prayer is not necessarily loud or long. It is a matter of both talking and listening to God.

Prayer is not an option for Christians. Prayer is a unique way of talking to God.


Lord, thanks for victories through talking with you.