He Knows Me Well

Myung Lee

READ : Psalm 139:1-14, 23-24

When I was a very little boy I thought that God had a white beard because in most pictures Jesus had a beard, so I thought God must be very old and his beard must be white. I always imagined God as Santa Claus. Santa had a white beard, knew who was good and bad, and gave gifts to good children. “So does God.” I thought, “Maybe Santa is God.” This Psalm corrected my thinking.

According to Psalm 139 God is the one who searches us and knows us. This passage made me concerned. I thought to myself, “How am I going to live with a God who knows everything about me?” But in my life God has never said to me, “You liar, go bring a stick. You deserve a beating. I am going to fix your behavior.” Rather, God hugs me and lays his hands on me to comfort and encourage me.

When you pray, remember that God already knows all about you. When you read the Bible, remember that God made you in a wonderful way.


Lord, you know me perfectly. “Lead me in the way everlasting.”