Fully Protected

Myung Lee

READ : Ephesians 6:13-17

Many people think money is important. Others say health is more important. For some, houses are their most important possessions. But the Bible tells us that the most important thing in our daily life is to be protected by the full armor of God.

We cannot fight against Satan with money. Nobody can cut off Satan’s temptations with a strong body. We cannot reject Satan’s attacks with a great career. The only way to reject and overcome Satan’s tricks is by the complete armaments of God-truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, the Word of God, and prayer.

After Jesus was baptized at the Jordan River he went to the wilderness for forty days to fast and pray. There Jesus was tempted by Satan, but Jesus rejected his evil counsel on the basis of the Word of God. The strategic pieces of armor Paul mentions find their origin and protective source in the Word of God.

The Word of God is the sword of the Holy Spirit. This means that the Bible is our weapon for daily living. The sword is not a toy made of wood or a broken umbrella stick. It comes from the Holy Spirit. We use it to attack and cut off the temptations and tests of Satan.


Dear Lord, help us to be fully protected against all evil.