Acts – A Journal of Witnesses

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 1:1-26

If you want a life worth living, if just getting through the day isn’t enough for you, if you want to be fully alive, study Acts. Acts records some of God’s most important actions in people’s lives. It’s also a testimony to his truth.

Many think history is irrelevant today. They also believe that we cannot know any absolute truth about God. As a result, they are ignorant of Jesus’ ability to provide direction for life. Instead, they turn to vague spiritualities, esoteric cults, fame, power and personal pleasure for meaning. Ultimately, all these fail to satisfy.

Acts describes people who had direction, passion, and fulfillment. They had joy, even in the face of hardship. They encountered Jesus and the truth that sets people free. They found the key to a life worth living in being a witness to the risen Christ.

I found that key, too. I became a follower of Christ as a twenty-year-old engineering student. Many years later, Jesus is still my source of purpose and joy. You can have this too, whatever your situation. The way is clearly shown in Acts, a journal of witnesses. Will you listen to their testimony?


God, help me to know the meaning and joy of life as I study the book of Acts.