Grammar and Grace

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 2:1-11

Adults learn new languages with great difficulty. How many believers have wished they could testify to “God’s deeds of power” in a foreign language without studying!

Pentecost shows God’s love for all people in every culture. He empowered witnesses to speak the truth in the heart languages of unbelievers. A determination to effectively communicate the gospel is an important first step in obeying Christ’s Great Commission. At Pentecost God did this for his disciples in a miracle. But today effective evangelism requires language and culture learning as a deliberate labor of love.

Some Christians are called to the agonizing task of learning a foreign language. All Christians are called to the challenging work of proclaiming Christ in words non-Christians can understand. Whether we struggle to understand the vocabulary of distant tribes, suburban dot-com workers, typical adolescents, or the urban poor, we are learning to speak the truth in love. It would be easier if God would simply give us this ability. But that wouldn’t require much love on our part and we would still be outsiders. We must make the effort if we are to meet and share lovingly with those around us.


Holy Spirit, help me learn the language of unbelievers so I can speak meaningful, loving words for Christ.