What More Can I Give?

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 3:1-16

Her small hand tapped on my car. I was at a busy intersection in Delhi, and she was a beggar. Her voice was pleading. She was thin, dirty, bare-foot, and not more than ten years old. This is a common experience in India and other places. Millions suffer poverty, chronic illness, and corrupt governments. People live without hope.

What can I give them? A few rupees through the window won’t change much. I will give what I can, but I will also remember the example of Peter and John when they encountered a beggar. They had no ability to change the man’s financial condition, but they had something far more important they could give him. They healed him in Jesus’ name. This increased the beggar’s appreciation of God’s power and restored his health, allowing him to make a normal living.

Christians have access to power. We have the gospel which is powerful to save. We have the Spirit who comforts and empowers us. We offer a gospel that helps people cope with trouble, improve their situation, and most importantly, discover the hope of eternal life. We cannot guarantee miracles, but we can offer real change. And that itself is nothing short of miraculous.


Lord, help me to share your powerful gifts with those in need.