The Cure for Boredom

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 4:7-12

Do you ever feel your life is a dull routine? Do you ever wonder if you’re accomplishing anything lasting with all your activities? I sometimes do. But I know the antidote for such feelings. It’s remembering the most urgent truth concerning the people around us; they are eternally lost apart from a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the theme of the whole Bible. Peter stirringly voiced this truth when he said of Jesus: “There is no other name given to people by which we must be saved.” Are you bored? Try out a life of witnessing!

Talking about Christ is “unsafe.” I sometimes worry about looking foolish or being rejected. Telling a person of another religion they cannot be saved apart from Christ makes me a bit uncomfortable. It would certainly be easier and safer to practice my faith privately without proclaiming it to others. Sin says “enjoy God’s grace and don’t worry about anyone else.”

God’s way may not be “safe” but it is meaningful and definitely not boring. God will impel us, like Peter, to be bold witnesses even in the face of opposition. God will fill us with his Spirit, overcoming our fears and self centeredness, enabling us to testify about Jesus Christ.


Lord, save me from a boring, selfish faith. Make me excited to tell others about you.