The Ultimate High

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 8:26-40

Have you had the thrill of seeing someone you know personally come to faith in Christ? Have you had the joy of personally being a part of that process? We catch a glimpse of that joy in the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. God opened this man’s heart to accept the Savior, using his Word and an obedient Christian.

If an unbeliever is involved in Bible study with at least one Christian willing to offer assistance, prayer, and encouragement, that person is likely to become a believer. Faith is ultimately from God, but it comes by hearing. We who proclaim the good news have a role by God’s grace in the conversion process.

Are you praying for any non-Christians? Ask God to help you befriend them. Ask him for openings to talk about spiritual things and to study the Bible together. You might think about starting a Bible study for “seekers” in your home, school, or office. With the Spirit, the Word, and prayer at your disposal, you could some day soon have the joy of hearing a friend ask, “What’s to prevent me from being baptized?” Seeing such a baptism is life’s ultimate high.


God, give me opportunities to assist others in coming to know you and serve you.