Hard People – Hard Places

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 9:1-19

Saul was a most unlikely convert. He was someone for other believers to fear and avoid. Ananias’s horrified reaction at the prospect of visiting Saul is understandable. But God touched this persecutor’s fanatical heart in an amazing way. So the Lord’s response to Ananias’s skepticism is a sharp, “Go!” Go to Saul, teach him, help him, love him; I have a plan for his life. So Ananias went and saw first hand how the gospel can transform any life.

Were any Christians praying for Saul’s conversion before it happened? Did any of them have the faith to believe Saul could become a follower of Christ? I like to think so. In any case, we should certainly pray and think about unbelievers with that kind of hopefulness.

Sometimes there are difficult people in our lives. They may be openly hostile to Christianity. And there are certainly difficult situations where it is hard to be a witness for Christ. But God is always touching people. If we’re called to difficult people or hard places, we should not be cynical or afraid. God can always do far more than we ever dare ask or think.


Jesus, give me faith to believe you can work in difficult places and change difficult people.