Signs and Wonders

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 9:32-43

When Dorcas suddenly died, the church in Joppa was plunged into grief. Sorrow quickly turned to joy when she was dramatically brought back to life following Peter’s prayer. It wasn’t Peter or his prayer per se that raised Dorcas, but God’s power. Miracles such as this are aptly called “signs and wonders.” God used them as signs to underscore the gospel message proclaimed by the apostles. As a result of Dorcas’ resurrection, many people believed in the Lord.

This event should encourage us to pray. The God who gave life back to Dorcas hears our petitions today. At the same time we must remember that signs and wonders are not the usual accompaniment to gospel presentations. Even in the book of Acts they are relatively rare. If signs and wonders occur today, they give us special reason to rejoice. And such miracles do not surprise us because we know that nothing is impossible for God. But there are really only two miracles which we must stress in witnessing: We point back to the miracle of Christ’s resurrection in our communications. And we point forward toward the miracle of our listener’s conversion.


Lord Jesus, help me to be bold in my prayers, always expectant of the wonders you perform.