Biblical Correctness

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 13:4-12

We live in a “politically correct” society. It’s considered impolite to tell others they are wrong about “personal matters,” especially religion and morality. This stems from a more basic assumption that there are no objective standards to which we are all held accountable. Since all religious belief is thought to be relative to one’s culture and personal outlook, all opinions are deemed equally valid.

Obviously Paul did not agree with this thinking. When he encountered Elymas, Paul called him a child of the devil and an enemy of everything right! He went a step further and spoke a word of judgment against him as a false teacher.

Christians are called to witness to the truth about Christ. That’s more important than being liked by others or sparing their feelings. It is both my duty and my joy to tell lost people the truth about God’s salvation. Jesus saves and there is no other. All people will be judged by this truth including me. We must say it with love, but we must say it. May we vow to be “biblically correct” and overcome the temptation to be merely “politically correct.’


Lord Jesus, give me the desire to be “biblically correct,” eager to speak the truth with courage and love.