Mission Strategies

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 13:13-52

Paul and Barnabas changed their mission strategy. The original plan was to go to their fellow Jews in the synagogues where they assumed people would want to know about the Messiah. It was a logical assumption.

But it wasn’t God’s plan. In Pisidian Antioch response began to change. To be sure, some Jews were attracted to the gospel. But surprisingly, the number of interested Gentiles was much greater. Some were previously converted to Judaism but many were not. The number of Gentiles who came to hear the word of the Lord were so numerous that the Jews were jealous! How could a Gentile have any spiritual standing, they reasoned, without becoming Jewish?

Paul rejected the Jews’ objections and decided to take the gospel directly to the Gentiles. This new strategy enraged the Jews but it pleased God. Mission strategy should fit the local situation. The message should not change, but methods depend upon the situation. The key is to be flexible and open to God’s direction. This applies to individuals, churches and mission organizations. Do you have a sensitive mission strategy?


Holy Spirit, lead me to see and follow the most effective way of reaching others for Christ.