Confronting Ignorance and Superstition

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 14:8-20

Ignorance and superstition are common barriers to the gospel. Paul and Barnabas had a graphic reminder of this in Lystra. The healing of a crippled man should have created a hearing for the gospel. But instead the ignorant, superstitious people declared Paul and Barnabas to be gods! The missionaries were still struggling to correct this foolishness when the crowd suddenly switched its mood. They withdrew their offerings and began throwing stones. A frustrating, demoralizing experience in evangelism!

It takes patience and hard work to preach the gospel in the face of ignorance and superstition. Sometimes these barriers are raised by educated, sophisticated people. Such persons confidently say: “The Bible is full of contradictions.” “All religions are basically the same.” “It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as it works for you.” “There is no hell.” We should not expect such people to accept the truth promptly. The truth hurts especially when it destroys long-held worldviews and calls for repentance. But only the truth can set the ignorant and superstitious free.


Thank you, Lord, for the light of your truth. Help me to humbly, attractively declare it in a sin-darkened world.