New Territory

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 16:1-10

If you were determined to preach the gospel to unconverted folks, where could you go? For Paul the answer to that question would have been “anywhere.” Most people in the first century knew nothing about Jesus. Still, Paul needed some direction, and God provided it.

No one can say for sure who the “Man of Macedonia” was in Paul’s vision. It is fascinating to note that in the next verse (16:10) Luke, the writer of Acts, switches to the plural pronoun “we.” Apparently, he joined Paul at this point. Was Luke’s appearance somehow related to Paul’s vision? In any case, the gospel enters new territory, the continent of Europe.

Where should evangelists go today? Surely, one important answer is: to unreached people groups. The gospel has been proclaimed in all the world but not in every sociological group and language. There are people groups not yet reached, from obscure, remote tribes to residents of Europe’s cities. If we care about following God’s will, we will be increasingly concerned for those who haven’t heard, and we will direct our prayers, our funds, and our feet accordingly.


Lord Jesus, give me a burden for reaching at least one people group that hasn’t yet heard the gospel.