Covering All the Bases

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 16:11-34

Words of Hope is a gospel radio ministry, produced in many languages around the world. Every program is inspired by the challenge Paul gave to the Philippian jailer: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.” God’s work in Philippi didn’t end with the baptism of that one man. The Spirit continued his ministry, building an effective church in the community. Paul later wrote a letter to that same congregation thanking them for their witness to Christ.

This is Words of Hope’s ultimate goal too. Gospel radio is just one step in the process of planting new churches. We do our best to put out effective messages that appeal to the culture, mind, heart and emotions of target audiences. Once the program is “out there,” Words of Hope “partners” with other Christians “on the ground” who answer listeners’ letters, make personal contacts, identify seekers, do follow-up teaching, begin Bible studies, and eventually start churches. Like Paul’s preaching in that Philippian jail, gospel radio is a means to an end, the formation of new worshiping groups of believers.


Holy Spirit, help me to see the big picture in your mission to people everywhere and to pray for the formation of new churches especially where none exist.