Tent-Making Ministries

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 18:1-4

Paul was a tent maker. He used his trade to support himself as a missionary. I am sure he made good tents, working hard for his customers. It wasn’t his first love, but it was a valuable service and necessary to sustain him in his primary work of itinerant evangelism.

“Tent making” is an important mission strategy today. The term refers to any occupation which enables mission service in foreign countries where visas are normally denied to missionaries. Many countries are closed to traditional missions but are open to receiving Christian technicians, medical workers, teachers, business people, etc. Developing nations are eager to use people with almost any skill, especially if they are professional and helpful to the host country. Once living there these lay missionaries are able to be a witness and help the church much as they would in their native country.

The beauty of tent making is that virtually anyone can do it. Only religious professionals are unacceptable. Your skills and experience could be the door to unique and exciting mission service.


Lord, do you want my skills for service in another country? How can I support “tent-making” missionaries?