Team Players

Douglas VanBronkhorst

READ : Acts 18:24-28

The ministry of Priscilla and Aquila illustrate two important mission principles. First, they were Bible teachers. They knew the Scriptures well enough to help a talented but lesser informed Apollos understand “The Way” more accurately. No ministry can go very far on charisma and zeal alone. Bible knowledge is necessary to success.

Second, they were a team. Actually, their teamwork operated on two levels, as a married couple and as members of the larger team headed by Paul.

Teamwork is also critical to ministry success. It’s generally unproductive to be a “lone ranger.” We all need accountability, support, and companionship. Teams recognize that every individual has diverse gifts and needs other members of the body for effective ministry. The mission of the church would be advanced if all believers saw themselves as part of a team and if all couples saw their marriages as team ministries.

The church today needs teachable people, open to learning and applying God’s Word. It also needs team players who will work with others to accomplish great things for God. Will you be a team player?


God, help me to study and comprehend your Word. Show me how to work cooperatively with others in proclaiming it.