My Personal Journey

Ken Old

READ : Isaiah 30:15-22

This month’s meditations are personal and low key. They are written in sequence, recounting early events in my own journey of faith and service. I am a retired British civil engineer. I spent thirty-eight years of my working life in Pakistan, most of them in the Punjab region between the Indus and Ravi rivers. Retirement has given me opportunity for reflection. I see how the inerrant hand of God linked seemingly random occurrences and coincidences in my life:

What I do not believe has little relevance
To what I am
But that which I do believe is all I am –
Journey’s beginning and its end,
The road itself and the traveler upon it.

God’s way for each of us is rarely direct. My own journey took decades. It was filled with many detours and obstacles. When I finally arrived I realized I had needed all those diversions and the lessons they taught me. The journey had been its own schoolroom, better than any teacher I ever met.


Heavenly Father, take as long as you need. Teach me your ways along my personal journey.