A Tap On My Shoulder

Ken Old

READ : 1 Samuel 3:1-10

One significant night my world is suddenly turned upside down. It is not of my doing or choosing. God taps my shoulder right when I think I have everything sorted out.

At that time I am already convinced God is real. I know God heals the sick and answers prayer. I know death is not the end, only a point of change.

I am studying civil engineering in Plymouth, England. Suddenly, from deep sleep one night I am startled awake! The bus driver who shares the bedroom with me sleeps heavily in his bed. The moonlight throws beams of silvery light into the room. A man stands at the right side of my bed. I do not see him yet I know with certainty he is there. He speaks clearly, without accent or dialect. My life will not be the same again.

He tells me, “Ken, God has a purpose for your life!”

God has a purpose for each of our lives. He calls each of us in different ways for unique and special purposes. What great plans might God have for you?


Dear Lord, we long for you to tap us on the shoulder. Reveal to us your perfect purpose for our lives.