Making A Difference

Ken Old

READ : Acts 10:1-2

Only a strong personal belief will cause us to make a radical change of direction. The Christian faith has that capacity. But do we just wait for it to affect us? We don’t need to. There are things we can do, starting now.

We can “put ourselves in the way” and stand in the place where God is most likely to prompt us forward-by choosing our friends carefully, avoiding temptations and wrong turns, maintaining integrity and truthfulness, developing a private devotional life, attending church regularly, disciplining ourselves, practicing absolute honesty without blurred edges, acquiring good habits by determination and intent, choosing the higher course of action, avoiding addictions and extremes.

Then a light breaks through the darkness. A tap on the shoulder. Suddenly we KNOW! We are different. We have leaped over a wall. Our goals, paths, thoughts, priorities, prejudices and biases change. Our excuses lose their validity; past justifications sound hollow. We see everything differently. When God makes a difference in us, we are ready to make a difference in our world.


Dear Lord, help me dare to be different, starting today!