Learning About God

Ken Old

READ : Acts 9:1-16

While a student in Plymouth, England, a mysterious voice in the night outlines God’s plan for my life. At that time I still do not believe in Jesus Christ as his unique Son. God disregards this for the moment. He has a different calendar. When Saul started for Damascus he didn’t believe in Jesus as Lord either.

At this point in my new faith journey, I am satisfied I have Jesus sorted into the right place. Born of a virgin? Just possibly. A prophet? Sure. The Messiah? Perhaps. The unique human embodiment of the Godhead, co-creator of the Universe with the Father? Hardly.

God is patient. He chooses quite unworthy people to forward his purposes, but he always knows what he’s doing. He knows the end from the beginning. That reassures us. When he starts people on their journey, they are not a finished product. He uses the journey itself to move them toward his purposes for them. Why, he may even get you to go where he wants you!


Dear Lord, thank you for leading me on the course you select.