The Wheels of God Are Turning

Ken Old

READ : Jeremiah 29:11-13

When an unexpected voice in the night tells me God’s plans for my life, I ask for three years first. My desire is not entirely selfish. My older brother Joe was a World War II bomber pilot and was killed in combat. I am now the oldest sibling. I need to help my parents move to a larger home.

Three years later I pick up an unfamiliar newspaper. I open it with a strange feeling – as though I know where to look and what I will find. A tiny advertisement shines as though it were printed in red ink. “Needed – a civil engineer to work in Pakistan.” Happenstance? Or is God at work?

At the time I find it interesting but I do nothing. The following day I receive a letter from my brother Geoff. Enclosed is the same advertisement. He has seen this and thinks it might suit me. Coincidence? Or God’s direction? I send off an application.

On almost the same date, in the northern Punjab region of Pakistan, a missionary in his late thirties dies of polio. His widow will one day become my wife. Is it coincidence or are the wheels of God turning?


Heavenly Father, today I commit my way into your hands with confidence. Your plans for me are good.