The First Step

Ken Old

READ : Genesis 12:1-4
Hebrews 11:8-9

Weathered sea captains watch with interest the three tiny ships in the harbor, the freshening wind catching in their sails. They have advised young Chris to sail south. Heading west he will find nothing, just the vast emptiness of a great ocean. Christopher Columbus is not deterred. His greatest step will not be his first step in the New World, but now, onto the gangplank of the Santa Maria moored in Palos Harbor, Spain.

However a journey might end the first step is the most important. My anticipations as I leave for Pakistan are far different from events that will ensue. My life is in God’s hands to do with as he wishes. I am completely unfitted for the unknown task he has for me but I know nothing of that. I am a secular man going to a secular job for a short time but I leave with a sense of strange excitement. I am under heavenly orders.

Is there a journey ahead for you that waits for you to take the first step? You’ll never find out unless you first move one foot in front of the other.


Dear Lord, give me the vision and the courage to take that important first step.