A Living Faith

Ken Old

READ : Titus 3:3-9

Months later I am working in a factory in the north of Pakistan. On Sunday evenings I take a bus to a worship service at a Mission Hospital a few miles away.

I play chess and discuss religion with Dr. Brown, the hospital’s eye surgeon. He is patient with my opinionated heresy. Christians, I argue, verge on arrogance to insist that only in Jesus Christ can men be saved. Why, look at Islam all around us. Are there not godly men within that faith?

Dr. Brown does not argue with me. He simply answers from Scripture, “Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” I realize I am sitting with a different kind of man here, a man who doesn’t argue about faith but who has allowed his life to be changed by what he believes. For Jesus’ sake Dr. Brown has made a remote part of Asia his home. His surgical skills give sight to hundreds of people. He is changing the world around him by what he believes and does. For Dr. Brown, Jesus is much more than an example. He is Savior and Lord. The difference between us is tied in to our understanding of Jesus.


Dear Lord, build my faith so that I can change my world!