Does God Play Games?

Ken Old

READ : Job 13:1-15

Marie is an American nurse I have just met at the mission hospital in northern Pakistan. She seems to have no complaints despite her grief. Twenty years previously her husband Mac felt called by God to work with Afghans. God confirmed his call. Afghans and Pathans thronged to the mission hospital where he worked. Then, suddenly, Mac began to have difficulty breathing. Within a week he died of polio. Now, six months later, Marie has resumed work where her husband is buried.

Marie does not complain, so I complain for her!

When people give their lives over to God, I argue, surely it is up to him to take care of them and not allow them to die in their prime!

We all struggle to understand tragedies such as Mac’s death. The answer lies not in resigning ourselves to the silence of a distant God, but in trusting that he knows and chooses to allow the events that sadden us. He created the natural world in which we live and the way it operates. His will is both active and passive-permissive. God knows! His silence is not a sign of his absence.


Dear Lord, help me to trust you in the bad times.