Show Me A Sign

Ken Old

READ : Judges 6:11-21

God has been busy teaching me about himself. I write:

Obeying His Will
Is less doing His Will than
Allowing His Will to be done unto you.
To obey God is less active than passive,
Less to achieve than to allow to be achieved,
Less to lead than to allow oneself to be led.

Marie, the nurse at the mission hospital in Taxila is transferred south to Sialkot. I offer to escort her. It is a long journey alone by car.

Suddenly I have reached a moment of decision, a conflict of desires. I have given God control over my life, and now to my great surprise I have fallen in love! I am unsure of what to do. This is an unexpected and new experience. I kneel in my room and lay my heart before God. If it is within his will that I ask Marie to marry me-I have no idea how she will respond-then will he please stop the car I am being driven in tonight at the shisham tree thirty yards short of Gilani’s garage. I must have no doubt about what to do!


Loving Father, make clear your will for me today.