Gideon's Fleece

Ken Old

READ : Judges 6:36-40

The story of Gideon is familiar. An angel of the Lord challenges him in the days after Joshua to lead the revolt against the Midianites. He explains that he is the weakest of the weak. He asks for a sign in the form of a fleece that God turns moist one morning, then dry the next morning.

“Putting out a fleece” is different from bargaining with God. It is not saying “If you are really there, do this or that.” It is not meant to answer doubts or ask for something. It is a search for confirmation, for guidance to do what God wills.

I have placed a fleece before God. I ask him to affirm that my desire to marry Marie is within his will for me by stopping the car at the shisham tree.

It is already dark when we leave Taxila hospital for a dinner engagement. Ahead is Gilani’s garage. The driver slams on the brakes and exclaims “I think the rear lights aren’t working; we’d better check.” I climb out to do so. No need for alarm, both lights are working. I look around. We are stopped immediately opposite the shisham tree. As I climb back in, I imagine God is smiling. I am too.


Loving Father, clearly confirm your purposes for me.