Remarkable Surprises Await Us

Ken Old

READ : Genesis 45:4-8
Romans 8:25-31

Marie becomes my wife and we move far south to the city of Karachi. She enjoys her new life in the big city and is adjusting to the quirks of an English husband. She has many missionary friends and is meeting and helping new arrivals.

God’s purpose for us is about to shift into an unexpected new gear. As we progress on our journey of faith, circumstances beyond our control are being brought to bear on our lives in order to further God’s purposes. God doesn’t need to explain those purposes to us. We only know that we walk in the path he spreads before us. We walk into a prepared future designed to enlarge us, to fit into what he intends for us.

When we are in God’s hands, no experience, even a seemingly bad one, is worthless or wasted.

Surprise is a natural occurrence along our journey. The unexpected happens. Every day is completely unique. We awake with expectancy. We are like children awaiting gifts. We begin to experience “the glorious liberty of the children of God” (Rom. 8:21).


Father, help me to find joy in the surprises you have for me.