Ken Old

READ : Galatians 5:22-26
Galatians 6:1-4

Marie and I drop in on Marian who runs a mission orphanage in Karachi. She shares a letter from home. Her widower father is ill and needs her, his only daughter. Her furlough is overdue but there is no one to take her place. Expecting him to act promptly, she is sending her luggage home by boat!

She is asking her friends to pray that God will provide a replacement.

My prayers used to include matters that I was capable of dealing with myself. I no longer find this acceptable. I have developed a motto concerning prayer: “Don’t ask God to do things you are capable of doing yourself. Do them first and then pray.”

This motto challenges me to be active in doing good. God desires us to be not only “pray-ers” but “answer-ers,” answers to the prayers of others.

I turn to Marie. She silently nods her answer to my unspoken question. Although married only a few months we are about to become parents of more than fifty girls and one boy. Wow!


Dear Lord, is there someone I know whose prayers I might be able to answer?