Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Ken Old

READ : Ephesians 4:1-13
Isaiah 30:21

My wife and I are visiting an orphanage in Karachi. Marian, who runs it, must return to New Zealand. But what will become of the orphanage? I glance at my wife Marie. She nods instant assent.

Marie never fails to surprise me. I can’t understand why she, an experienced missionary, married a skeptic like me. And how could she be so patient in the times I have argued with her over religious beliefs? She is a woman with a long-range perspective and a tranquillity of spirit that isn’t easily disturbed.

Now with a simple nod she promptly sacrifices our idyllic extended honeymoon, her elegant home, her privacy and way of life. She does all this to inherit a gloomy upstairs bedroom over a classroom and the claims and clamor of many children. She does not count the cost; she claims the opportunity. She is going way beyond anything for which her experience has prepared her. Yet she does not hesitate.

Does God have a task for you for which you feel ill-equipped and unprepared? He will both equip and prepare you if only you will take that first move.


Dear Lord, help me to launch out in confidence, knowing that you will be with me each step of the way.