Honey for the Taking

Ken Old

READ : Exodus 17:1-7
Psalm 81:16

My wife Marie and I are visiting Marian who runs an orphanage in Karachi, Pakistan. She has been praying for someone to replace her. When she hears we are willing to take over, her face lights up with joy! She can hardly believe her ears. An answer, and so soon! Her eyes fill with tears.

Her prayers, she realizes, have been too small. She has been praying for a replacement, but God has gone so much further. The children are not only going to get a new “mother”! For the first time in the sixty year life of the orphanage they are going to have a “father”!

In today’s passage the children of Israel are desperate for water. They harass Moses. Moses strikes the rock at Rephidim and water gushes out. Psalm 81:16 tells us that God would have given them honey if only they would have trusted him enough to ask him for it. But they only received water.

Do we pray with enough expectancy? What sweet honey and unknown blessings might God have waiting for us if we would have the faith or vision to ask.


Dear Lord, Help me pray for the very best. I know that whatever I ask for, there’s more you want to give me.