A Little White Envelope

Ken Old

READ : Matthew 8:23-27

My wife Marie and I agree to take over the Karachi orphanage. I am a practical person. I immediately begin mapping out our tasks. Marie will run the day school of two hundred and fifty girls as well as the orphanage. I will take care of the accounts.

I ask Marian, the current manager, if the orphanage has an endowment fund. Her answer is curious, hesitant: “Well, yes, in a way.” I ask more clearly. Does she have any bank accounts? Again the same answer. I become uneasy. I am more precise. “Do you have any money?”

She passes me a small white envelope. As I open it my stomach drops to my shoes. She has just given me her operating capital, her bank account and her endowment fund: Six hundred rupees, worth less than a hundred dollars! In shock, I tell myself that I have just jumped into a sinking ship! But I am about to discover the power of Jesus. Things change when he is on board.


Dear Lord, help me remember that you provide all I ever need.