A Simple Prayer

Ken Old

READ : Luke 12:22-31

The orphanage children love having a Poppa as well as a Momma. They cluster at the gate when I return from work. The fifty girls tell the driver that I am their Poppa. As he drives away he shakes his head and smiles.

This is the first time I’ve lived in a religious environment. Marie, though, is in her element. There is a strange calm and quiet here.

At evening devotions the girls, all barefoot, sit on the mat. We sing choruses and read the Bible. But I am in a serious mood. The money envelope is empty. There is nothing left for food tomorrow.

Parveen, eight years old, jumps to her feet. She says in simple Urdu, “It doesn’t matter, Poppa, we’ll tell Jesus.” She proceeds to do so.

“Piyara Yisu Masih (Dear Jesus Christ), Poppa says we don’t have any money to buy food for us tomorrow. But we are your children, and you know we get hungry. Amen.”

That is all. No long pleading. For the children the matter has been dealt with. The prayers go on to the sick girls and other concerns. I am left still wondering how we are going to pay for food tomorrow.


Dear Lord, teach me to pray with simple, trusting faith.