Late for Work

Ken Old

READ : Psalm 37:18-26

The previous evening I told our orphanage children there is no money to buy food. Parveen prayed. Now it is morning, and I wait beside the road. The truck that takes me to my construction job is late.

Two unfamiliar men, one a Pakistani, cross the road towards me. I ask them if they need assistance. In response the Pakistani asks if I am Mr. Old. How on earth does he know my name? The other breaks in and explains. He is from CARE. I am vaguely aware that CARE stands for Christian Aid for Relief Everywhere. He tells me they are starting a program to help malnourished children in South Asia. Would it be possible for them to begin by developing a total feeding program for our children in the orphanage?

A powerful answer to a little girl’s prayer! I leave them with Marie to work out the details. As I reach the gate again there in the distance the van is approaching to pick me up for work. Amid the turbulence in my mind I wonder what traffic jam was orchestrated to make sure there was time for this encounter with CARE at the orphanage gate.


Dear Lord, help me to see your hand at work in all that happens to me today.