A Reliable Father

Ken Old

READ : 1 John 3:21-24

Throughout the sixty-year life of the orphanage in Karachi the children have never gone hungry. When Parveen prays for food, she knows God will answer her prayer. He has done so previously, so he will provide for them now. How he does so is irrelevant to her. The following morning charity workers are at our doorstep. God is UTTERLY reliable.

I am beginning to understand the truth of Jesus’ counsel. It’s not enough to believe in God. We need to treat God as our Father. Because of this father-child relationship he will always be there for us when we need him.

If your father were to sit with his feet up on the sofa reading and you, his child, have a chicken bone stuck in your throat in the next room there is no way he is going to continue reading while you are in trouble. He is going to be there for you, not once or twice but every time you need him. Because he loves you so much there is no way he cannot, will not, be there for you.


Dear Lord, Thank you for always “being there” for me. Help me to trust you completely with every detail of my life.