God's Perfect Timing

Ken Old

READ : 1 Kings 17:7-16

The visit to the Karachi orphanage one early morning by a CARE representative offering to feed the children is a divine, carefully coordinated response to prayer. God’s timing is always perfect.

We only know two of the three dimensions of time – past and present. Since God can also see the future, he has a distinct advantage over us. In addition, he has the ability to influence events and cause peoples’ paths to cross. We can expect God’s timing to be far superior to our own. Without fully understanding, we glimpse that there is a divine management of events going on around us as we walk along the path he has prepared for us. This is easier to see in retrospect than while events are still happening.

Elijah, east of the Jordan, hungry and despondent of heart, is told by God to head for the coast, several day’s walk away. There he will meet up with a widow who will take care of him in a time of drought and famine. He finds her gathering sticks as he approaches the gates of the city. The timing of apparently random events is once again perfect.


Dear Lord, calm my impatience. You know my needs and will bring events to pass – in your perfect timing.