Big Mistake!

Ken Old

READ : Matthew 6:25-34
Philippians 4:19

Orval and Bob, two American co-workers of mine, have collected two thousand rupees from their friends for a Christmas party for the children in our orphanage. I am overjoyed at their generosity. But how can anyone spend so much money on a party? I suggest that the money be used for needed clothing. Their faces turn sad.

I stand rebuked. I am appalled at myself. What have I done to these two good men and their friends? They miss their own children back in the United States. They have generously collected for a party for our children. I am spoiling it all for them. I apologize profusely. Orval and Bob mumble that they will ask their friends about my suggestion, and they leave.

The following day they give me twenty one-hundred rupee notes. They assure me their friends concur with my suggestion. I feel as though I have been given a sacrifice after it has been laid on an altar. Soon Marie is buying cloth. Tailors click away at their sewing machines making children’s clothes. The bills get paid. I feel relieved. I marvel at the means God uses. He is utterly reliable. We have exactly what we need, and the timing is perfect.


Lord, you have the answers before I have the questions.