What a Mess!

Ken Old

READ : 2 Samuel 12:1-6
Luke 22:54-62

We plan our modest Christmas Eve party in the orphanage garden. Marie and I are proud of our girls. Their black hair glistens, braided by each other as they sit in a circle. White ribbons shine. Their new clothes, washed and ironed, are spotless. Bob and Orval’s generous gift has been spent well. We are unsure how many foreign guests to expect.

Then a large empty bus draws up outside. Bob and Orval bound in. “Tell the children to get in, we are going to a party!”

With horror I realize we have misunderstood each other. These men and their friends collected money to throw us a party somewhere else. While they have been preparing I have spent all the money on other things! What now? Words stumble off my tongue. The situation that a few moments ago looked so promising has collapsed around my ears. What a mess!

I remember the biblical examples of people messing things up. God used them anyway and the mess they made helped them grow in faith. What about me now?


Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that even when we mess things up, you love us still.