Windows of Heaven

Ken Old

READ : Malachi 3:10
Ephesians 3:14-21

I apologize again to my American friends for spending all the money they collected for the orphanage Christmas party. Bob cuts me short with a grin. “We knew you would spend the money. We collected another two thousand rupees. This time we decided we’d better not tell you about it. So come on. Let’s go.”

Only Americans could have put on a party like that party. In one of Karachi’s best hotels! A band is playing. It seems as though all the Americans in Karachi are there celebrating with us! Where has that huge Christmas tree come from, those decorations, the clowns, Santa Claus, the presents? Many of our girls have never possessed a doll in their lives! Shamim, our only boy, gets a Tonka truck. They will never forget this glorious Christmas when the windows of heaven were opened.

Grocers in eastern countries using hand-scales never, in my observation, measure out short weight but add more, over-and-above. Their customers come back! God also measures over-and-above. He looks for and finds ways to give us more than we ask.


Heavenly Father, help me to claim the blessings you pour out for me each day from your great resources.