"Watchadoin'? I'll help you."

Ken Old

READ : Psalm 104:24-35

Much later – 2001 A.D., Titch is my grandniece. She is four and lives near us. The farm is her world which she runs with great determination! She is on speaking terms with every creature on the farm, big and small, including me. As I kneel before a patch of weeds, with my tools set out beside me and fruitful hours ahead, I hear a voice behind me that abruptly disrupts my intentions. “Watchadoin’? I’ll help you.”

In one swift, instinctive movement I hide the tools with which she could hurt herself. I direct her fingers away from the flowers towards the weeds. The tools I am using always seem to be the ones she wants. I need eyes in the back of my head to see where she is dispersing my tools! Before long I am completely engrossed in protecting my patch from a little pair of hands that appear to be everywhere and endowed with limitless energy to “help.” Because I love her so much I let her do whatever I can to channel her energies. She is sure she is helping me. But her presence is worth it all. I know I can always tidy up the mess afterwards.

Now put God and yourself into that picture.


Dear Lord, thank you for gently and lovingly allowing me to serve you in my childlike way.