God's Thumbs

Ken Old

READ : John 15:9-17

Have you ever wondered why or even whether God needs us to help implement his purposes? After all, he is all-powerful. Why should we bother to pray and labor? He knows it all. Why can’t he just command and let it all be done?

When my grandniece Titch helps me in the garden I set aside my adult abilities and operate at her level. I avoid long words and speak simply. I talk to her in ways she can understand and give her tasks that she can do. I am patient when she pulls up my daffodil bulbs. I don’t overload her. I remove difficulties ahead of her. I let her do things her way, all thumbs.

Why do I do this? Quite simply because I love her and enjoy her. Her company refreshes and pleases me, even though she slows my gardening efforts.

So too, we are “all thumbs.” But God chooses to set aside his powers and work at our level with fumbling human beings like us anyway. He chooses partnership with us over speedy progress.


Thank you, God, for involving me in your work and teaching me at my level.