Believing and Being!

Ken Old

READ : James 2:19-26

Many people believe in God, yet that does not give them self-restraint or create a difference in their conduct.

True belief must be strong enough to cause a radical and positive change of direction. The change and the walk itself are evidence of the validity of the belief. The Christian faith has the capacity to create that very change. It is a belief far greater than the “isms” people have devised. The quality that empowers Christian faith is the unique nature of Jesus Christ. He lived and died what he believed. He rose victorious over death. We who come after him have his example. We re-focus and invest in a higher good that, in the striving, might even cost us our lives.

It is not enough merely to believe. Belief needs to influence and control our every action. The journey to acquire such a belief can take a lifetime. But when we have it, the world, starting with us, can and indeed will be changed by it. I have written this month about the beginning of my journey into faith and of faith. If you are not already on your own journey, start today!


Dear God, may all my actions today be a witness to others of my faith in Jesus Christ my Lord.