I Really Need You to Listen!

Tim Brown

READ : Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Sewn into the inner lining of this ancient prayer is the most important piece of advice I have ever received. Listen!

A long time ago, as a freshman at Hope College, I took a part-time job at a local book store. I was given a job as basement stockroom boy which I considered to be well beneath my lofty potential. I toiled away in that irksome dungeon eagerly awaiting my opportunity to dart upstairs and steal a few minutes to exercise my highly refined relational skills on some unsuspecting customer! This was a source of enormous irritation to my boss who hired me to unpack and shelve books. (Period!)

Finally, after repeated hints that never sunk in, he came to me and said, “Tim, I’m going to let you go.” Let me go? “You mean, as in let me go home early for the day?” He clarified, “No! As in let you go home for good!” I was stunned. Fire me! I think I started to cry. Moved by my pain his resolve softened and he spared me. What he said next has stayed with me ever since, “Tim, I didn’t hire you to talk, and I really need you to listen!” Listen! How different my life has been because someone taught me to listen! “Hear, O [people], the Lord is our God the Lord alone!” Do you listen when God speaks?

– Dr. Tim Brown


Lord, give us ears to hear. Amen.